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Solar panels are one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. The uptake of solar solutions worldwide has grown by approximately 50% per year for the last decade and continues to grow year on year.

It is now a proven mass-produced technology, typically sold with a 25 year performance guarantee and a life expectancy of 40+ years.

We have been active installers of solar for clients and businesses throughout the UK for nearly 10 years and now we are engaged in introducing larger public sector operations to investors and contractors to set up mutually beneficial energy solutions which allow green energy and help reduce fuel poverty.

We can help advise on pricing for small residential properties to large commercial projects whereby we can call upon extensive experience to initiate projects from design through to installation.

Councils & Housing Associations

We are continually looking to introduce Councils and Housing Associations to small and medium sized green energy generators looking for a way to sell their electricity at a greatly reduced rate and even out the price they receive for their energy.

We also operate a network of subcontracting teams to solar projects throughout the UK, where our responsibilities are to work with both the contractor and the sub-contractor to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of installs.

This enables us to understand the needs of the contractor and balance that with the rewards that we provide for our subcontractors. As intermediaries we support the contractor and ensure the contractors working practices are adhered to.

Our teams possess extensive experience and knowledge installing across both the domestic and commercial sectors.

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